Andrés Mérida was born in Algeciras (Cádiz) in 1964 and settled in Malaga since 1970. He began his artistic career in a professional manner from the 90s. His academic training was developed at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Seville and his career has gone consolidating through its exhibitions inside and outside of Spain showing its works by many cities (New York, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Dortmund, Guadalajara, etc …)

His work has evolved from the beginning with influences from artistic movements of the twentieth century mainly from the expressionist and surrealist currents creating a universe and own style by which he is easily identified.

In the first decade of this century he travels to the US and Mexico for long seasons where he works and makes several exhibitions and begins to experiment with performances painting live and interacting with other artists.
At the technical level he is experimenting with digital art combining it with traditional techniques and in the aesthetic sense he is introducing a new expressive resource in his works through what he calls “GARABATISMO“, fruit of several years of research and influences of artists such as Giacometti or J. Pollock.

His last major project is the collaboration in the set design of the show “SOMBRAS” by dancer Sara Baras, apart from his constant exhibitions.

Cara bato - Andrés Mérida